Meet Lucille

We named our little café after Wyatt's beloved grandma, Ruby Lucille Toews. We also passed on her middle name to our little girl, Rez Lucille. In our efforts we hope to honor those who came before and leave behind a little something special for the generations to come through small, meaningful exchanges with those who join us today. 
Lucille was built to be an amenity to this town of ours that we love so much. A place of warmth, sustenance and convenience only made possible by whole hearts. It's a place we dreamt of visiting - breakfast all day? Big-ole salads and sandwiches! Small-batch wines andddd GOOD coffee!? It's now a place we get to call our own, and you and your presence bring it to life!
We couldn't / wouldn't be here without the support of you, our community and the partnerships we have with a whole heap of likeminded growers, producers, roasters, farmers and specialty shops in the central valley. 
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